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We can convert your original radio to modern AM/FM Stereo! Radio LOOKS and FEELS original, yet provides modern-day performance and features. We Are The Original Dealer For Aurora Design Products!
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Need Speakers? We have several innovative designs for your classic. We also have new replacement stereos that range from the budget-minded to elaborate!


You’re not alone. You shouldn’t need an electronics degree to properly install a car stereo system! We wrote a page describing the basics of speakers and power, to help you better plan a great sounding stereo system for your vehicle.
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Introducing SMART BLUETOOTH! The new Smart BTU, in addition to full Bluetooth and USB function, gives you complete control of your FMR Stereo directly from your Apple or Android cell phone! You have full fingertip control of your stereo’s secondary adjustments -- balance, fader, treble, midrange, bass, loudness contour, and more, in real time! We’ll be posting moe details soon, but we have plenty in stock right now. Price for the Smart BTU is $260. To order this option, Check BTU on the order form and write the word “SMART” next to it. Important information about FMR Conversions: We try VERY hard to keep your wait time at a minimum, but we are SATURATED with so many radios that there’s a delay in opening the boxes! We’re currently running 4-6 weeks for most sets, with Lincolns, Cadillacs, European, and other elaborate sets taking a little longer. You can help immensely by following our Shipping Instructions -- please fill out that form. We’re also getting LOTS of calls asking how a radio is coming, and in many cases it means dropping what we’re doing to search for a needle in a haystack. We know you’re excited, we’re working day and night, we’re getting them done but we simply have a LOT of radios to do. In many cases the best answer we can give is 4-6 weeks. Sets we are NOT accepting: Tape Players, seta with digital display (typically 1985 and newer), GM Trans-Portable, CB Radios, elaborate pre-WWII sets, and modified sets (such as chopped in half to fit an air conditioner). Also, special instructions must be approved in advance. Updated June 14, 2024
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Your car’s a CLASSIC. Must you chop your dash for a cheap stereo? We offer solutions that look and sound GREAT!
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