We can convert your original radio into a custom-built AM/FM Stereo!
Your set LOOKS original in the dash because it IS your original radio! We clean and rebuild the controls and tuning mechanism as needed, and replace the old electronic components with a modern PCB containing a state-of- the-art stereo, This is NOT a cheap replacement, rather it is an OEM quality set specifically designed to update the older analog-tuned radios. You can expect the same tuning sensitivity, audio quality, and reliability as the stereo in your modern car, simply because it’s built in the same plants using the same quality components! Your car came equipped with an AM radio with volume, tone, and tuning controls, and maybe five pushbuttons. How do we access all the features? Easy. If you don’t have an AM/FM switch you can turn the set off and back to to change bands. No balance? Flick the tone control twice to the left and you’re in balance mode, and Voice Assist will walk you through it. In the same manner you can adjust treble, bass, midrange, loudness contour, and much more. Suppose you miswire one of the speakers, Voice Assist will tell you which speaker wire and what’s wrong! Your stereo can be made as simple or elaborate as you wish -- anything from a single-speaker radio to an elaborate four speaker system with Bluetooth 5.0, USB 2.0, HD Radio, provision for additional amps and subwoofer, and much more!
“. . . thank you for all your quality work on my [Studebaker] radio, I have installed it and it sounds magnificent, Bluetooth connectivity is fabulous as is the aux/USB ports . . .” -- Jeff, Australia “The sound is amazing and I wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did.” -- Mike, California “Best investment I ever made for this 59 Corvette!” -- Bill, Florida “I juat wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my AM/FM radio conversion (1964 Buick) . . . I will gladly tell my ‘car friends’ about your excellent service and product!” -- Mark, North Carolina
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For those unfamiliar, we made a video to show exactly what the FMR Stereo is about. It was made when the FMR-1 was first introduced, but still applies to the current FMR product.
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Upgrading your radio with FM is great; the FMR Stereo with its features is fantastic; but why stop there? We have options that enable you to stream music from your cell phone, make hands-free phone calls, play tunes directly from a flash drive, and now -- receive digital-quality HD Radio! All this and much more! Check out the options below:
FMR Conversion as viewed from the rear, showing wiring harness, LINE IN Jack (right), optional LINE OUT jacks (left), BTU connections (center-right), and USB Port (black wire).
A note about LED indicators: If the past, LED indicators were used with conversions to indicate status. Our Aurora Conversions don’t need them, as Voice Assist indicates functions. One exception: HD Radio/DAB. With this option the LED indicates the presence of a digital signal. Whenever possible, we install this LED in such a way that you barely see it, and held in place with an industrial rubber cement. No holes are drilled if we can help it, and if you prefer to move the LED, you may do so.
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Line Level Outputs: For use with external amps and/or subwoofer. Includes 3.5mm jacks for Front left/right, Rear left/right, and mono Subwoofer. If your amps include cables with RCA or other-type plugs, adapters are readily available.
New! HD Radio: Digital radio can now be heard on the AM and FM broadcast bands! AM stations have FM quality, FM is CD quality, and there’s a whole new world of digital FM stations not receivable with a conventional radio. Plus, just like AM and FM, it’s free; no subscriptions required. The Aurora FMR-DRH1 Module provides HD Radio; the FMR- DRD1 offers DAB/DAB+ reception for overseas reception. What’s available in your area? Check out the HD Radio website! The site is chock full of information about HD technology, and lists radio stations in your area that offer it! HD Radio and the “ARC” logo are registered trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corporation.
CM-1 Courtesy Module: Most modern vehicles have a feature where the radio remains on after you shut off the motor. It continues playing for several minutes, or until you open the door. With the CM-1 Module you can have this feature in your classic! Installation involves only two additional connections, to the battery and to the door switch.
HPC Power Booster: The FMR Stereo requires 12 volts, negative ground. If you have an older car with 6 volts and/or positive ground, your conversion will require this. The HPC provides CLEAN power (unlike many other converters which may interfere with AM reception).
Tube Emulation: Just Updated! This is a cool option for those 1930’s-early 50’s sets. Fool the judges, or get that nostalgic feel. Switch on the radio and you’ll hear the soft buzz of the old-time vibrator. Set “warms up” in about 15 seconds. OR, get the warm-up without the vibrator buzz for those hybrid sets. OR, let the set power up immediately. You can switch between the settings. Auto Volume Control: For 1957 Thunderbird, volume adjusts with engine speed. Requires original ignition. VOX Input Mode: This is a no-cost option. Instead of tuning to the far left, Input Mode is selected automatically when a remote device begins playing. Radio resumes in 20 seconds of silence. On early 1950’s Cadillacs with no manual tuning, this is set by default.
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BT Bluetooth Module: FCC Certified Bluetooth 5.0 Stream music from your cell phone Hands-free calling Utilize SIRI or similar features
USB Module: Play music directly from flash drive Supports MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC Play continuous or random Charge your cell phone
BTU Module: Offers BOTH Bluetooth AND USB Less cost than buying both separately Includes flash drive with sample music and Quick Start Guide
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Note: The BT Module has been updated into two products, the BT and the BTL. Both products are the same, with the same functionality. The difference is the physical shape and how they mount inside the radio. Depending on radio model and other options, some sets may get the BTL. Same price and performance.