There are so many variations in car radios that we can’t have a single price. Some cars are 6 volts; some sets have automatic tuning that requires more work and hardware. If we try and set a flat price for any group of radios, there’s always that exception that requires something special. So here goes:
Prices: All prices are for 12 volts, negative ground AMERICAN VEHICLES: PUSHBUTTON, MANUAL-TUNE, ROTO-MATIC: All-transistor AM radios (typically 1963 and later: $385 AM/FM sets, tube or hybrid sets 1946 and later (except Cadillac and Lincoln described below): $400 Cadillac 1946-47, Lincoln 1946-48: $450 Prewar radios: Typically $450, but please contact us first. Radios with 8-Track tape players: Typically $450, but please contact us first. WONDERBAR, TOWN & COUNTRY, OTHER SEEK-TYPE RADIOS: Wonderbar, 1957 Cadillac transistor, 1958 Chevy/Pontiac/Olds/Packard/Studebaker, 1959-later all: $445 Wonderbar, 1950-57 All GM/Packard/Studebaker, 1958 Buick/Cadillac: $495 Town & Country, 1956 Ford/Thunderbird, 1957 and later Ford/Thunderbird/Edsel/Mercury: $445 Town & Country, 1957-later Lincoln: $495 Town & Country, 1956 Lincoln/Mercury, 1956-57 Continental Mark II: $545 Mopar Electro-Touch, 1955-56: $495 Mopar 1957-Later: $445 EUROPEAN, JAPANESE, AND OTHER ORIGIN: Most American import cars (Volkswagen, Volvo, Triumph) have American radios. American prices apply. Most Japanese cars have radios that are similar to US -- American prices apply. Luxury cars such as Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, and Bentley have radios built by Radiomobile, Blaupunkt, Becker, Grundig, and Philips. Postwar manual-tune or pushbutton sets are $420; seek-type sets are $495. Russian, prewar, or other exotic sets please call. Additional costs: We try not to surprise anyone with additional costs, but there are a couple that cannot be avoided. Florida sales are subject to 7% sales tax. Return shipping is flat $20 for 48 states, for other places contact us for estimate. Please follow instructions for packing -- shipping damage may incur additional costs; this is preventable by following instructions. OPTIONS: BT BLUETOOTH ADAPTER: $170 USB ADAPTER: $100 BTU BLUETOOTH AND USB: $220 HD RADIO (North America) or DAB (Europe): $120 LINE OUTS: $15 CM-1 COURTESY MODULE: $75 TUBE EMULATION: $20 AUTO VOLUME CONTROL FOR 57 T-BIRD: $20 VOX INPUT MODE: NO CHARGE HPC POWER BOOSTER FOR POSITIVE GROUND OR 6 VOLTS: $100
Frequently asked questions: Q. Can you convert my radio if it does currently does not work? A. Yes, but we recommend the set be in good PHYSICAL condition -- buttons and knobs working, etc. Rusty sets -- we usually can get them working but no guarantees -- once in awhile we have parts that are too far gone. As for appearance, we detail each set but can’t fix cracked glass of pitted chrome. if new parts are sent with the set, we’ll replace at no charge. We also have someone who can repaint bad dials (for a charge) so please contact us with questions. In addition: Some Delco radios have pushbutton leaf springs that break and fall out, making the buttons hard to set. We have replacements. Mopar sets with thumbwheels (Bendix, 1968-69), may slip when tuning, or may not tune at all. VERY common and we have a fix. Ford/Thunderbird Town & Country sets (Motorola, 1956-59) won’t seek well or at all. Usually all it needs is a good cleaning. Delco AM/FM sets often have a flip-dial that’s misaligned or won’t move. Dial string is bad; we can fix. Ford truck sets with round dials -- not one of Ford’s better ideas! It’s hard to make them perfect but we can make them pretty good. Other issues, if in question contact us. We’ll advise. Q. Will my radio look the same after conversion? A. In the dash, the radio will look 100% original. One slight change, if you have the digital HDRadio or DAB option we install an LED indicator as discretely as we can. Otherwise it is impossible to tell from the dash. In back, heat sinks and certain other components are removed, so the set may be a little smaller. We also clean and paint the case, and add Certification stickers as required. Q. Can you return the old components? A. We can do this upon asking, but why? Aside from tubes, there’s not much else worth keeping, especially since many components are destroyed as they are removed. Plus, you would be amazed at what else you’ll find inside -- mud daubers, mouse droppings, eggs, dead spiders, and just think -- you might have to pay extra shipping if it doesn’t all fit in one box! Let it go . . . Q. I have an old Chevy. Can you convert my radio? A. It’s easier to list what we DON’T do: digitally-tuned radios, sets with cassette players, sets with CB, Trans-Portable sets (found in some late 1950’s GM cars), or late 1930’s sets with elaborate motor-driven tuning mechanisms, such as is found in Packards and similar luxury vehicles. Sets with 8-track players, we can do some but please contact us first. Aside from these, most any conventionally-tuned radio can be converted. Q. I’ve seen new radios for sale, that look original , are smaller in back, with a motor-driven tuner. Is this your product? A. NO! We convert YOUR radio; the controls will operate just as they do now. The components are entirely different. Q. I love building kits. Can you sell me the PCB so I can convert my radio myself? A. Gee, if only I could sell the kits outright, I wouldn’t have to do the work! But it’s not nearly that easy -- in fact it’s so meticulous in certain models that some dealers won’t accept them! Between preparation of the radio itself, difficult soldering in tight places, and related programming of the finished set, it’s not as easy as it might seem. For these and other reasons, Aurora products are not sold as DIY kits. Send your radio to us -- we’ll gladly do the work for you!
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