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NEWS:  October 18, 2017:  Lately customers have been confusing our conversions with other, more expensive products that look "original", found on eBay or catalogs.  BUYER BEWARE!!!  If the set does not operate as original it's not an Aurora FMR Conversion!  If stations drift, if inputs crap out, if you simply can't adjust the tuning knob, you have our sympathies.  If you still have your original radio we can give you something FAR better!


With so much time and money spent on your classic ride, why settle for an AM radio that doesn't get the stations you want (if it works at all!), or a consumer-grade stereo in a chopped dash or glovebox?  We have better options!

Car Radio Options

Aurora Design

Our flagship offering:  Convert your radio to modern AM/FM Stereo!

Have your cake and eat it too!  Send us your radio, we convert it to modern AM/FM Stereo, using components from Detroit's auto plants, designed specifically for these radios!  Your set looks and functions as original; all pushbuttons, Roto-Matic, Wonderbar, Town & Country, Electro-Touch, and other types of tuning operate as before.  The only difference is that it performs MUCH better!

You may have heard of the Aurora FMR Stereo Receiver -- this is it, and we are the original dealer!  Introduced in 2013, this product has left all other conversions, along with "repro" and "dream" sets, in the dust.  On top of that, we offer options including Bluetooth 4.1 (fully FCC Certified), USB for playing music from a flash drive, and Line Outs for adding external amps (but keep in mind you've got 180 watts already!)


Car Radio Options

We also offer the Custom Autosound line of stereos, including AM/FM Stereo on a budget, fully-featured sets that install without dash cutting, and even hidden stereos that operate by wireless remote!


This part of the website is under construction, but meanwhile if interested please contact us.



Car Radio Options


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