Gary Tayman's 1964 Thunderbird     T-Bird Radio

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Auto Radio, Auto Audio, for antique and vintage vehicles!

Back in the day, Detroit automakers didn't offer FM Stereo, USB, or Bluetooth for our favorite classic vehicles . . .


. . . BUT THEY DO NOW!!!


SUPERCHARGE your original radio!

You can indeed have modern sound and features while retaining the original appearance!


NEWS BULLETIN -- March 8, 2017:

How's the weather?  Around here (Sarasota, Florida), day after day, it's sunny and 80 degrees.  But up north it seems to be ranging from balmy to bitter cold.  Quite unpredictable!  Although it's nice here, we've been too busy to enjoy it -- working on lots of radios.



 In 2012 a new era began.  Aurora Design contacted us with the concept of making the best conversion products ever, and they have done exactly that.  To this day we have not seen a competitive product that comes close to our PROTOTYPES, let alone our current products!  Why chop your dash or stuff the glove compartment when your original radio can be made to outperform them?

If you have a non-Aurora conversion and are dissatisfied, please let us know.  We may be able to upgrade for a special price.


Aurora Automotive

Aurora Design FMR Stereo Receiver

Imagine, your original AM radio offering FM Stereo!

That's fantastic enough, but that's just the beginning.  Imagine this radio playing your favorite music from a USB flash drive, taking hands-free phone calls, or navigating you to your destination.  Your radio can do all of this and much more, while still looking 100% original in your dash!

The best part, the components are built to SAE standards by the same engineers in Detroit who build components for new cars!



American Express is also accepted


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