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Send us your original radio; we disassemble the unit, rebuild the tuner/controls as needed, clean and detail, and replace the old components with new electronics from Aurora Design, who engineers components for the auto industry in Detroit.  Your radio will look totally original in the car, but provide modern sound, features, and reliability.




Frustrated with other products, we went for the gold -- bulletproof, no excuses, the best performance possible.  The result, the FMR Stereo Receiver, has revolutionized the industry!  Introduced in May, 2013, nobody else has even come close to the performance and reliability of the Aurora products!  The FMR Stereo uses your original controls and tuning mechanism.  Unlike the various "repro" sets on the market, your pushbuttons, Roto-Matic functions, and seek bars will operate as before, INCLUDING local/distance functions.  No other product offers this!  Tuning sensitivity rivals that of new car stereos, without the drift and wandering of other products.  The FMR Stereo is fully protected against miswiring, extreme heat/cold, jump starts, and other common abuses that frequently cause the others to go up in smoke.  This is automotive grade, all the way!


Make no mistake -- if it's not an AURORA Conversion, you don't want it!


NEWS:  November 20, 2017:


1.  Feast or famine -- as of today, the slow summer season is over and we have a backlog of radios!  We're still in the 1-2 week range for turnaround, but it can't hurt to plan a little extra time because things can change from one day to the next.  If you want a set done by Christmas, better to send it right away.  Of course you can avoid delays by following the instructions on our shipping page.  Those who follow instructions exactly get priority treatment!


2.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Our schedule:  We're CLOSED Thursday and Friday, going out of town.  We hope all of you have a great holiday weekend; don't eat too much!


3.  Whatever happened to online shopping?  The short answer, this website got destroyed.  Most of it was replaced in short order, but the e-commerce portion was built online and we had no means of backing it up.  We do now, but we're starting from scratch.  Meanwhile, if you have needs give us a call -- we can drop ship certain stereos and speakers by Custom Autosound.


Aurora Design

    Convert your radio to modern AM/FM Stereo!

THIS IS IT!  Send us your radio, we convert it to modern AM/FM Stereo, using exclusively Aurora products.  Introduced in 2013, this product has left the competition in the dust.  On top of that, we offer options including Bluetooth 4.1 (fully FCC Certified), USB for playing music from a flash drive, and Line Outs for adding external amps (but keep in mind you've got 180 watts already!)


Car Radio Options

We also offer the Custom Autosound line of stereos, including AM/FM Stereo on a budget, fully-featured sets that install without dash cutting, and even hidden stereos that operate by wireless remote!


This part of the website is under construction, but meanwhile if interested please contact us.



Car Radio Options


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