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Do you own a classic car?  Is it your pride and joy?

Don't finish off a top-notch restoration with a hatchet-job stereo!

You can indeed have modern sound and features while retaining the original appearance!


NEWS BULLETIN -- November 28, 2016:

NOTE:  The shop is CLOSED for about a week, reopening Wednesday, December 7.  During this time:

Nearly four years ago we introduced the new Aurora FMR Stereo Conversion to the world, and it immediately set a new standard in performance and reliability!  Today we use Aurora products exclusively in our conversions -- why use anything else but the best?

Don't be fooled!  The lesser products are still out there.  Other conversions exist that don't hold a candle to the FMR, and "repro" radios exist which look almost original but whose controls and pushbuttons don't even work in the original manner.  The Aurora FMR conversion LOOKS and FEELS original, because it uses your original tuner and controls.  The Bluetooth and USB options are fully certified and designed to operate seamlessly with the FMR.  Don't settle for anything less!

UPGRADES:  Do you have one of the "other" conversions and wish it were better?  Do you wish you could add Bluetooth and/or USB?  We have a special price for upgrade to the Aurora products; far less than a new conversion, and of course right now we can do it quickly.  Customers feeding back are ecstatic with the improvement!  Contact us for details.  Sorry, we cannot upgrade those "Repro" sets.



Aurora Automotive

We are the premier dealer for Aurora Design products!

Imagine, your original AM radio offering FM Stereo!

That's fantastic enough, but that's just the beginning.  Imagine this radio playing your favorite music from a USB flash drive, taking hands-free phone calls, or navigating you to your destination.  Your radio can do all of this and much more, while still looking 100% original in your dash!

The best part, the components are built to SAE standards by the same engineers in Detroit who build components for new cars!



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