Custom Autosound 

Replacement Stereos For Classic Vehicles

Custom Autosound ISA Stereos have vastly improved the past few years!  Their product line ranges from the basic to the full-featured elaborate.  Products include the newly-released USA-740, as well as the established USA-630 and the more basic USA-230.  The Slidebar radio is an interesting concept, available for certain vehicles.

6/21/17:  This section is under construction.  Meanwhile if you have questions about any of these products, or to order, give us a call at 941-371-8924 (8:30-5:00 Eastern), or e-mail anytime.  (Don't send credit information via e-mail -- we'll call you back for this information).

Stereos designed to fit in your original dash, and totally hidden stereos with wireless remotes

Slidebar Radio

Click photo for details

Slidebar Radios  

 Available for select classic vehicles
Slidebar left:  analog AM display.  Slidebar right:  digital display.  Peak power 300 watts.  Includes USB input AND iPod dock.  Bluetooth available with BLUKIT option.

Price:  $289.95




New!  Top of the line full-featured stereo!














USA-630   Concours

Analog display when off, digital lights up when on.

Peak power 300 watts.  Includes USB input AND iPod dock.  Bluetooth available with BLUKIT option.


Price:  $229.95 (For Many Common Vehicles)

$249.95 Special Order





USA-630/Slodebar/Secretaudio ACCESSORIES

CD1  Single CD/MP3 1/2DIN Slave Unit

New! Slim Size CD/DVD Player operates directly from USA-630. 
Plays CD/DVD audio/WMA/MP3

Tayman's Price:  $159.95

Bluetooth Adapter


iPodŽ interface operates directly from  USA-630.

Tayman's Price:  $109.95



Shown:  56 Chevy

Is this available for YOUR car?  Click on the photo for details, or to order.

Finally! The "Classic Look" styling of the USA-630 is now available at a lower price. If you don't need USB/MP3 or CD changer control this is the model for you. Radio comes with auxiliary audio input. If you have a portable MP3 player or Satellite radio just plug it into the Aux input and listen to it through this radio.

 AM-FM Stereo * 200 Watts (4x50) * Auxiliary Input (RCA Rear) RCA to 1/8" pin jack included * Digital Clock  * Electronic Tuner * 30 Pre-sets (4AM-12FM) * 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs * 4 way Fader * Power Antenna Lead  

Tayman's Price:  $159.95 (For Many Common Vehicles)

$179.95 Special Order


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