SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow these instructions; it’s the key to best results and fastest turnaround
Step One: Please enclose NECESSARY information with your radio! We’ve created a form that’s easy to fill out and include with the set. It prints in two pages, with credit information on page 2 for easier shredding when complete.
Easy Order Form Easy Order Form
Most customers do exactly that, and everybody’s happy. However there’s always that someone, who can’t fill out a form, who assumes we know everything because we got a phone call two months ago. Let’s be clear. We need IN WRITING: (legibly) 1. Who you are! Name, address, phone. When finished we want to send it back! 2. What you need! Options? Six or twelve volts? Be specific, don’t just say FM & Bluetooth. 3. Payment information! Credit card, check, whatever, we need it before we begin. We generally authorize credit cards as we start, and charge them when completed. Checks are deposited a few days before we expect to finish. We do radios by the hundreds, and prioritize those who follow instructions, so a “Please call” sticky-note can mean a long wait. Remember, without the information we cannot start on your radio! As always, if you have questions please contact us! 941-371-8924 (M-F 8:30-5:00 Eastern Time),
Step Two: Pack the radio carefully! Naturally we want your set to arrive in one piece. Shipping the radio safely is easy to do! It’s a matter of following a few simple guidelines:
Bad News!
Pictures are worth a thousand words!
Use a sturdy box that provides at least two inches on every side of the set, including top and bottom. Use plenty of packing material -- peanuts, bubble-wrap, kraft paper. Close the box and shake it. If the set moves at all, add more packing. The key -- don’t let the radio touch the box, or any hard surface. Give it cushioning room. Please don’t go overboard with tape inside, and please don’t stick tape to the radio unless you want a gooey radio! Double-boxing -- not necessary, but if you do, properly pack the INNER box or you can still get damage. Medium Flat Rate Box -- DON’T! We call them Flattened Radio Boxes. Too small for most radios! Which carrier? UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL -- it’s up to you. The key, once again, keep the radio away from the box! Remember, following these instructions is our best way to ensure the best service and fastest turnaround!
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