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Replacement Stereos For Classic Vehicles

Custom Autosound has a new product line with stereos that mix the old with the new -- sets that fit in the dash but have digital screens that display modern-day information.  This section is under construction; if you have questions or wish to order, please contact us at 941-371-8924 or e-mail

Slidebar Radio

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Slidebar Radios  

 Available for select classic vehicles
Slidebar left:  analog AM display.  Slidebar right:  digital display.  Peak power 300 watts.  Includes USB input AND iPod dock.  Bluetooth available with BLUKIT option.

Price:  $







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Custom Autosound's new flagship stereo!

Peak Power:  300 watts

Bluetooth and USB included

Selectable color LCD Display

RDS displays song titles/artists

Line Level audio inputs/outputs

Subwoofer output


Price:  $380.00 (For many Common Vehicles)


$400.00 Special Order








USA-630   Concours

Analog display when off, digital lights up when on.

Peak power 300 watts.  Includes USB input AND iPod dock.  Bluetooth available with BLUKIT option.


Price:  $290.00 (For Many Common Vehicles)

$310.00 Special Order



NOTE:  This site is still under construction, and you'll get dead links for these products.  Please contact us if interested.  We're working on it!


USA-630/Slodebar/Secretaudio ACCESSORIES

CD-DVD Player

New! Slim Size CD/DVD Player operates directly from USA-630. 
Plays CD/DVD audio/WMA/MP3

Tayman's Price:  $190.00

Bluetooth Adapter


iPodŽ interface operates directly from  USA-630.

Tayman's Price:  $120.00



Shown:  56 Chevy

Is this available for YOUR car?  Click on the photo for details, or to order.

Finally! The "Classic Look" styling of the USA-630 is now available at a lower price. If you don't need USB/MP3 or CD changer control this is the model for you. Radio comes with auxiliary audio input. If you have a portable MP3 player or Satellite radio just plug it into the Aux input and listen to it through this radio.

 AM-FM Stereo * 200 Watts (4x50) * Auxiliary Input (RCA Rear) RCA to 1/8" pin jack included * Digital Clock  * Electronic Tuner * 30 Pre-sets (4AM-12FM) * 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs * 4 way Fader * Power Antenna Lead  

Tayman's Price:  $220.00 (For Many Common Vehicles)

$240.00 Special Order


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