Since most older vehicles were not made to handle a modern stereo, we often must get creative.  We offer several solutions as shown below.

As many car owners find stereos and speakers confusing, we have some basic information on power and speakers to help you plan.  View it here.

 Upgrade speakers designed to fit in original dash opening!

Since at least 2 speakers (channels) are required for stereo radios, we offer speaker systems for classic vehicles that came with only one mono speaker. Dual speakers provide two small speakers in a single mount.  Dual voice coil "DVC" speakers will give you the best possible sound from your original speaker location, with up to 70% more cone area than the conventional dual speaker assemblies giving you improved bass response and 140 watt power handling. Both stereo channels connect directly to one speaker with dual tweeters. For vehicles where the DVC doesn't fit, the dual speakers may be the answer -- we have them listed as well.

 Kick Panels With Speakers!

You can now enhance sound quality with Custom Autosound's new kickpanel speaker assemblies! These new kicks sound great, enhance interior appearance and affords a "no modification" fit. Most models feature 6½" or 4x6" speakers; you may also choose to upgrade to Pioneer speakers with higher power handling, or purchase only the kicks and use your own speakers (most vehicles). Kickpanels come in black ABS plastic which can be left alone or dyed to your custom interior colors as desired.







This Soundbar is designed to fit on a 1963- 82  Corvette.


T-Bird Panel


T-Bird Panel

Speaker Panel fits 1955-57 Thunderbird.  Includes pair of 200w 6x9 speakers.


VW Panel

VW Panel

Speaker Panel to fit 1957-77 Volkswagen Beetle.  Includes pair of 200w 6x9 speakers.



Backseat driver subwoofer

Powered Subwoofer System

Add some bottom end power to your system with this custom bass speaker panel.  This panel comes equipped with two Custom Autosound 8? subwoofers and the Boss 500 watt amp.  Panel mounts to the back of the rear seat from the trunk.  All cables and wires are included for a quick and easy install!

1967-70 Camaro                        1968-72 Chevelle                        1964-69 Mustang

1955-57 Chevrolet                        1964 Impala



 Undercover Stealth Speakers.

This is a pair of speaker enclosures designed to fit under the seat, or mounted to a wall or package tray.  The Undercover I is about the size and shape of a ream of paper.  The Undercover II has larger woofers, and is about a square foot in size.  Both are 3" high.

Undercover I                    Undercover II


System amplified speakers

"The System" -- Powered Subwoofer and Satellite Speaker System

The "System" solves the age-old problem of where to put speakers in classics, customs, and street rods.  It allows you to keep the integrity of your vehicle intact yet enjoy quality sound like many of us have in our new cars.  Satellite speakers look like AC vents and can be mounted just about anywhere (hint:  how about under the front seats where you don't see them?).  The woofer is optimally mounted under the back seat or even in the trunk.

Aluminum subwoofer enclosure contains 3-channel amplifier and 8" woofer.  Wired remote is included for bass level adjustment.  Installation kit included.  Power:  subwoofer 150 watts plus 2x50 watts for satellites.

Dimensions:  Sub 2.8" x 13.5" x 9.8"  Satellites 3.2" x 3.75"



6x9 speakers6x9 Speaker Pair With Grilles CAM-693C

These 3-Way 6x9 speakers are rated at 200 watts and come with Custom Autosound's exclusive flat metal grills, powder-coated black.  They can easily be painted to match your interior or left as is.  4 ohms.  67-20,000 Hz response.  Sensitivity 93dB.



Speaker Pair 6.5" 100 Watt w/covers                Speaker Pair 4x6  80 Watt 2-way (no grilles)

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