You can now enhance sound quality with Custom Autosound's new kickpanel speaker assemblies!  These new "kicks" sound great, enhance interior appearance and affords a "no modification" fit.  Most versions feature 6.5" speakers; some sue 4x6" versions, and a few use 4" types.  Check individual product descriptions.

The CAM 6.5" speakers are two-way, rated at 80 watts.  The Pioneer upgrades are rated at 160 watts.

The CAM 4x6" and 4" speakers are rated at 60 watts.  The Pioneer upgrades are rated at 70 watts.

Click on the appropriate link below to view photos or make purchase.

Note:  No returns or exchanges for kickpanels without speakers (this is a Custom Autosound policy).

Make/Model CAM Speakers Pioneer Upgrades Without Speakers

Chevy/GMC trucks

47-53 Chevy/GMC KCHT-47/53 PIO-KCHT-47/53 COM-KCHT-47/3
55-59 Chevy/GMC KCHT-55/9 PIO-KCHT-55/9 COM-KCHT-55/9
60-66 Chevy/GMC KCHT-60/6 PIO-KCHT-60/6 COM-KCHT-60/6
67-72 Chevy/GMC KCHT-67/2 PIO-KCHT-67/2 COM-KCHT-67/2
73-79 Chevy/GMC KCHT-73/9 PIO-KCHT-73/9 COM-KCHT-73/9

Chevy Full Size

55-56 Chevy w/air vents KCB-5/6 PIO-KCB-5/6 COM-KCB-5/6
57 Chevy KCB-7 PIO-KCB-7 COM-KCB-7
58 Impala KCIM-58 PIO-KCIM-58 COM-KCIM-58
59-60 Impala w/air vents KCIM-59/6 PIO-KCIM-59/6 COM-KCIM-59/6
61-62 Impala w/air vents KCIM-61/2 PIO-KCIM-61/2 COM-KCIM-61/2
63 Impala w/air vents KCIM-63 PIO-KCIM-63 COM-KCIM-63
64 Impala w/o A/C KCIM-64 PIO-KCIM-64 COM-KCIM-64
64 Impala w/A/C KCIM-64A PIO-KCIM-64A COM-KCIM-64A

Chevelle/El Camino/GTO/Cutlass/Skylark

64-66 w/o A/C KCHV-64/6 PIO-KCHV-64/6 COM-KCHV-64/6
67 w/o A/C KCHV-67 PIO-KCHV-67 Not Available
64-67 w/A/C KCHV-67A PIO-KCHV-67A COM-KCHV-67A
68-72 w/o A/C KCHV-68/2 PIO-KCHV-68/2 Not Available
68-72 w/A/C KCHV-68/2A PIO_KCHV-68/2A COM-KCHV-68/2A

Nova/Chevy II

62-63 Nova convertible KNOV-62/3 PIO-KNOV-62/3 COM-KNOV-62/3
62-65 Nova coupe KNOV-62/5 PIO-KNOV-62/5 COM-KNOV-62/5
66-67 Nova w/o A/C KNOV-66/7 PIO-KNOV-66/7 Not Available
68-72 Nova w/o A/C KNOV-68/2 PIO-KNOV-68/2 Not Available


58-62 Corvette KCV-58/2 PIO-KCV-58/2 COM-KCV-58/2
63-67 Corvette KCV-63/7 PIO-KCV-63/7 COM-KCV-63/7


67-68 w/o A/C KCAM-67/8 PIO-KCAM-67/8 Not Available


64-66 coupe/fastback KMC-1 PIO-KMC-1 COM-KMC-1
64-66 convertible KMCV-1 PIO-KMCV-1 COM-KMCV-1
67-68 coupe/fastback KMC-2 PIO-KMC-2 COM-KMC-2
67-68 convertible KMCV-2 PIO-KMCV-2 COM-KMCV-2


60-65 coupe/Ranchero KFR-60/5 PIO-KFR-60/5 COM-KFR-60/5
63-65 Falcon/Comet convertible KFRCV-63/5 PIO-KFRCV-63/5 COM-KFRCV-63/5

Ford Truck

40-46 Ford Pickup KFPU-40/6 PIO-KFPU-40/6 COM-KFPU-40/6


39-40 Ford coupe KFCU-39/0 PIO-KFCU-39/0 COM-KFCU-39/0
39-40 Ford convertible KFCV-39/0 PIO-KFCV-39/0 COM-KFCV-39/0

Mopar - Barracuda, Dart, Demon, Duster, Scamp, Swinger, Valiant

67-76 KMOP-67/6 PIO-KMOP-67/6 COM-KMOP-67/6


57-77 Beetle coupe KVW57/77 PIO-KVW57/77 COM-=KVW57/77
58-70 Beetle convertible KVWCV58/70 PIO-KVWCV58/70 COM-KVWCV58/70


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