ORDER FORM For Aurora Design FMR Stereo Conversion
STEP ONE: Who you are (Rest assured, we do not solicit, nor share information) Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Business Name If Applicable: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Shipping Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State or Province, ZIP or Postal Code: ________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________ E-Mail: ______________________________________________________
STEP TWO: What you need Car Radio year, Make, Model: ________________________________________________ Voltage: ________ Polarity: _______ Options: Bluetooth Options: ________ NEW! BTU Smart -- Bluetooth 5.0, USB 2.0, Ability to adjust radio settings from phone ($260) ________ BTU -- Bluetooth 5.0, USB 2.0 ($220) ________ BTC/BTL -- Bluetooth 5.0 By Itself ($170) Other Options: ________ USB Module -- USB 2.0 By Itself ($100) ________ HD Radio -- Digital Radio (or DAB/DAB+ if configured for European Tuning) ($120) ________ CM-1 Courtesy Module -- 12v only -- radio plays until door is opened ($75) ________ VOX Input Mode (Default is tune to the left) (No Cost Option) ________ HPC Booster -- Required for 6 volt and/or positive ground ($100) Additional Instructions: (Must be approved in advance) ________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
STEP THREE: Payment Information -- Required prior to service Credit Card: MC, VISA, DISC, AMEX Card Number: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Expiration: _____________________________ CVV Code: __________________ Billing ZIP Code: ____________________ As an alternative you may call us with your card information. However don’t wait for us to call. This could result in a major delay, as we handle a LOT of radios! Credit cards are authorized when we begin, charged when completed. We also accept checks. Please call to verify correct amount.