Radio Rebuild/FMC-2 FM Adapter

Remember those under-dash FM tuners of the 1960's?  It was a cute idea, but they drifted around, reception was fair at best, you couldn't use presets for stations, and installation required drilling holes in the dash.

Today you can have your cake and eat it too!  With the FMC Adapter, your radio is first rebuilt as original, then a tiny PCB is added which provides for FM.  Tuning is impressive, there are no visible components or indicators, presets and seek functions can be used for FM stations, and for the sake of originality the process can be reversed (though nobody has ever asked us to do this!)  Enjoy listening to your favorite FM stations on your original AM car radio!

The radio will continue to function exactly as original, but with the addition of FM.  Your speakers and speaker wiring remain original.  External options, such as fader control, reverb, and other accessories are fully compatible.  This PCB is compatible with 12 volt, 6 volt, positive or negative ground, without the need for additional components. 

Now for a few ground rules:

As for price, the FMC-2 is $200, once the radio has been rebuilt.  Typical rebuild prices are $100-200 for a transistor set, $150-250 for a tube-hybrid, and $200-300 for an all-tube set.


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